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fangirlzilla's Journal

Amy chan
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I'm Amy, a fan of all things Japanese!!! I cosplay sometimes and i love johnnies entertainment especially yamapi and news, kattun and kanjani 8! i love miyavi and GACKT too. i also like watchng korean dramas cus korean boys r hot! but i dunno korean. maybe i will learn korean or jp, i still havnt decided yet!

I chose the name fangirlzilla cus one day I am gonna bust up Tokyo like godzilla when I'm there stalking Johnnys!!!! seriously that johnnys shop will be rubble when i am done there!

I love Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN!!! Infact I am just a total KAT-TUN fangirl what can I say?? their debut gave my life new meaning XD

biggest NEWS fangirl for life! I am hoping and praying for the day they come back! ganbaru newschan!